I first met Margot in grade two. We attended the local school together, but more importantly, we took dance lessons together. She was hands-down the most vivacious, powerfully- active and adventurous human being I’d ever seen in motion. Every dance class turned into a series of ridiculous charades- whether it was slamming randomly found objects into the studio’s glass windows (at our teacher’s complete dismay) or sneaking around the hallways for no reason but pure chaos. Margot was and is one of the most electric people I have ever known. We stayed friends well into our teenage years. When we were 18 and returning from university for the summer, something changed in her…. That energy turned into something unfamiliar and destructive. This summer had a profound effect on me and our entire groups of friends. (We had, as a whole, been fairly lucky up to this point- having had been generally loved and supported by good friends and family, and having had no major illnesses or traumas.)

From this point on, I watched Margot struggle and to fight against something that was at first out of her control…. (This is a long story- watch the film!) And finally- she has won. She has regained her true self and is back- in full force- as the ultimate free spirit. She really embodies what all women struggle with in their 20’s- finding their passions, seeking love and companionship, and trying to find their place in this world. While schizophrenia is a foreign concept to most- Margot’s story, in my opinion, is highly accessible and relatable- and I hope that her force will resonate with many. This is what DAN AND MARGOT means to me.


Chloe Sosa-Sims