"Dan and Margot" has continued to have a life, playing additional film festivals across Canada including Shadows of the Mind and Picture This.

But more importantly to share (I know you've been waiting for this ;) The film is available ONLINE across North America! That's right... as long as you have the internet, you can rent it or own it on:
(Also coming to Amazon in the US in May.)


OKAY, so I stopped updating this NEWS section for awhile....Sorry to those of you have checked this and have been seriously disappointed ;) I'm going to get the ball rolling again.... For current & frequent updates on "Dan and Margot"- it really makes the most sense to check out our websitefacebook or twitter! (Or get on our mailing list.) 

However, I wanted to give you a quick overview on the very cool & amazing things that have happened with "Dan and Margot" since its world premiere. It has now gone on to play: Cinequest Film Festival, The Other Film Festival (Melbourne), the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival, and the Hot Docs Bloor Cinema as part of their screening series "Films Changing the World." We have also done some special community screenings and have partnered with the Schizophrenia Society of BC & Ontario. 

Also, the film is available to Canadian audiences at home who subscribe to Super Channel! Please check here for when it's playing On-Demand. 

We are thrilled to be a part of TIFF's Reel Comfort Program, where the film is touring Mental Health/Psychiatric Units at Toronto Hospitals....

Okay, more news soon! 


The new website & trailer is now available for DAN AND MARGOT! Check it out here: danandmargot.com. Sign up for our newsletter and please follow us on twitter and facebook for updates! I promise you, there will be some cool stuff you'll be into...  I won't fail you. 

Thanks Alex Contini for your amazing work on these websites. Not only is she my bestie, but she makes me and my work look way more exceptional. 


Congrats to two amazing members of the "Dan and Margot" team on their nominations in the category of Documentary in the 5th Annual Canadian Cinema Editors Awards! Both Haya Waseem, our lead editor, and Ricardo Acosta, our story editor, were nominated! I guess we know how to pick 'em. 


I forgot to announce (in the madness of cutting) that somehow we landed these rockstars to compose the music for our film! Presenting Joseph Murray & Lodewijk Vos from MENAOLON MUSIC. Having done music for major television shows, many well received films, roots & pepsi commercials, and basically every genre of content possible, they are also a ridiculously talented performance duo. I’m really honoured by their our commitment to our little film- DAN AND MARGOT. And by a little film, I mean our soon-to- be breakout HIT.


We have re-named the project 1 IN 100 (working title) to DAN AND MARGOT. As we are at a rough cut stage, we are beginning to prep for it's release! Dan is a special character in the film..... Well- you'll see. Trailer coming soon! 


I can’t believe it’s happened again... After the amazing financial support we’ve had from the TAC, then Super Channel, a third funder has come on board- ROGERS! 1 IN 100 is a Rogers Cable Network Fund recipient! How exciting is that. See media release here. Being on the same list as the likes of Don McKellar and Kim Cattrall is pretty bad ass… Not to mention many of the impressive documentarians. Thank you Rogers for believing in us.

We knew this project would be something special for awhile now, but I still somehow thought it would take more convincing to persuade others. Apparently we’re doing an okay job though! Whaaaaaaat